Sakata Corporate



Sakata Vegetables Europe, a subsidiary of Sakata Seed Corporation (Japan), breeds, produces and markets high quality vegetable seeds for Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa.



A key player in the market, Sakata offers over 900 varieties of broccoli, tomato, squash, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, pepper, melon, cucumber and oriental crops to name a few.




Conscious of the new global issues of a growing population, environmental concerns, protection of water resources and the need to guarantee the safety of products, Sakata has continuously increased its R&D investments in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region to select new varieties that bring added value to all members of the food chain from growers to consumers. This is why we support:


Sakata’s EMEA headquarters are based in the South of France. Research facilities include sites in France, Spain, United Kingdom and South Africa. We sell to growers, plant raisers, processing companies and distributors in more than 90 countries.


Sakata Seed Corporation, which has its headquarters in Yokohama, is one of the world's leading vegetable and flower seed suppliers. It celebrated its centenary in 2013. It employs over 2,400 staff. Sakata’s research, production and sales facilities are located in 22 countries.