Quality Reliability Service


In the vegetable seed business, the varieties created by Sakata are characterised by a high degree of innovation in many species. The best example is Broccoli; a crop where Sakata acquired undisputed leadership on a worldwide scale, creating new types adapted to vast cultivated areas and they possess significantly advanced health qualities.
Sakata innovation is also perceived in our tomato varieties, which provide very high quality level. Among quality attributes, taste is one of the big concerns of the Sakata Research team. The following varieties are considered to be breakthroughs for their delicious flavour (
Tomato Mini Star, Carrot Sweet Candle, Piel de Sapo Melon Don Quixote, Turnip Sweetbell, Cabbage Atlas n °70), just to name a few...

In addition, Sakata also innovates by creating unique products like Tenderstem Broccoli® and Bimi.
The remarkable achievements and present success of Sakata is the result of a long history that started in 1913, therefore Sakata will celebrate its centennial anniversary in 2013.


The deep Japanese roots have given our business core values, which are:
• Quality - the search for perfection.
• Reliability - the obsession to keep the long-term relationship with customers and suppliers.
• Service - the desire to contribute significantly to the improvement of living conditions.


All the employees of Sakata Europe follow the values that remain our essential references to better earn the trust of our customers (distributors, growers, nurseries, final consumers, and society in general).
Conscious of the new worldwide issues due to the growing population, environmental concerns, preservation of water resources and increasing research to guarantee sanitary products, Sakata has continuously increased its Research and Development investments tenfold in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to select new varieties particularly suited to consumers in those regions.

At the same time, we are systematically strengthening our consulting teams to ensure the optimal use of the new genetics by producers in different regions.

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