PASSION in seed


Conscious of the new global issues due to the growing population, environmental and health concerns, preservation of water resources and the need to ensure we provide wholesome products, Sakata continuously increases its R&D investments in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) to select the best vegetable varieties to meet its customers’ expectations. When developing new genetics Sakata’s teams always have in mind the needs and constraints of their stakeholders: distributors, growers, nurseries, retailers and final consumers.

The best example is Broccoli, a crop for which Sakata has acquired leadership on a worldwide scale, creating new types with significant health qualities and adapted to a diversity of cultivated areas. Sakata's expertise in innovation is also evident in our range of tomato varieties, with flavour quality being a key concern for the Sakata Research teams.
The current achievements and success of Sakata are the result of a combination of our history that started in 1913 in Japan and in 1996 in EMEA, and of our core values derived from Sakata’s Japanese roots:
• Quality - the search for perfection.
• Reliability - the aspiration to develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.
• Service - the desire to contribute significantly to improving living conditions.


As Hiroshi Sakata, President of Sakata Seed Corporation, states:our “PASSION in seed” is encoded in Sakata’s DNA. The letters in the word “PASSION” each have a profound meaning: People, Ambition, Sincerity, Smile, Innovation, Optimism, Never give up. Each Sakata employee in the EMEA territory embodies these values that are our guiding principles to better earn the trust of our customers.


President - European Sakata Holding SAS