Seed presentation in Crete: Mankap F1, Pink Impression F1 & Meridian F1 (22-23 June)

On 22 and 23 June, the Karvelas team hosted a unique outdoor event on the main street in Lerapetra to present Mankap F1, Pink Impression F1 & Meridian F1. 

Around 130 growers, fruit traders, representatives and owners of the biggest nurseries in Crete (Kronos, Agris and Kapiniaris) stopped by and showed a keen interest in these overwinter greenhouse cultivation varieties.

The varieties presented made a strong impression and will undoubtedly be remembered by the visitors.


All measures were taken and respected to protect the health of the visitors: the entire event was held outside and the participants were divided into small groups in keeping with the current Covid regulations in Crete.



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