Sakata Seed Iberica reward by the Association “ 5 Al Dia”

On 2th of March, the project Broccoli Passion of Sakata Seed Iberica was rewardes by the Association 5 Al Dia in the children’s category, in recognition of the communication work being done in schools across the country. The award was collected by Maria Angeles Lluch, Communication manager and alma mater of the initiative.

Sakata Seed Iberica, is a seed and plant breeding company with more than 100 years of know-how around the world. They created this project in 2012 as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility with the goal of promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables in families, especially with the youth.

We know that many children suffer from obesity and are overweight, so with a sedentary lifestyle, it’s seriously affecting their growth and development. In the words of Maria Angeles Lluch “this initiative was created with the objective of reverting this alarming situation and to improve the eating habits of children who are the consumers of the future”. This is why Broccolin was chosen the mascot of Broccoli Passion and the main character who helps to bring this important message to infants.

The activity focuses on workshops with students from first to fourth grade with a pedagogical purpose, like the reading of the tale “The Broccolin adventures” where the kids discover in a funny way the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. With the Game of Colors, the children learn the variety of fruits and vegetables that exist and the importance of having a balanced diet. In addition, they are encouraged to participate in a contest of recipes containing broccoli, where they can win a stuffed toy of the mascot Broccolin.

With Broccoli Passion on the stage were the winners of the Awards of the Association 5 Al Dia Peppa Pig, in the category of promotion and the chain of supermarkets Lidl, a company that has excelled in spreading a healthy message to consumers emphasizing the importance of having five daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Sakata Seed Iberica appreciate the recognition for this social action and is committed to continue promoting the project Broccoli Passion.



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