Perseus F1 field day, Alhama de Murcia (12 November)

More than 200 farmers and media outlets took the opportunity to discover Perseus F1, a new early cycle broccoli. Perseus F1 is Sakata’s latest broccoli variety, introduced after 9 years of research. Visitors provided very positive feedback on the variety’s calibre. Perseus F1 is ideal for autumn harvest, from 15 October to 15 November and stands out due to its adaptation to zones with hydric restrictions and saline soils. It is an early cycle broccoli with a crop cycle that varies between 70 and 80 days. Perseus F1 will help growers to maintain more stable production throughout the year. This variety is ideal as a link between autumn and winter production. Thanks to its high performance, Perseus F1 can be used either in the fresh market or the frozen industry. Visitors were impressed with the incredibly short cycle of Perseus F1. They remarked on the great appearance and size of the broccoli plants, after only 70-72 days of cultivation.



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