Pepper field day in Uzbekistan (30 May)

This field day was held in Tashkent region to promote commercial and new sweet and hot varieties of pepper for the Central Asia area.

More than 20 distributors, nurseries and pepper growers attended this event to learn more about Sakata varieties:

- Sweet pepper

Princess F1, recognised for its earlines

Polo F1, with a specific shape and colour

PEP01654 F1, well known for its yield and ability to change rapidly from green to red

PEP01655 F1

PEP01656 F1

Kent F1

- Hot pepper:

Cohiba F1, appreciated as a generative plant

PP10102 F1 and its hotter fruits

Fudji F1 with a very nice fruit colour


After the field visit, attendees shared a friendly dinner with the Sakata team.



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