Growers' seminar, Poland (11 February)

Over 90 growers, processors and retailers attended this seminar to learn more about Sakata’s portfolio for the area. Special attention was paid to Chinese Cabbage Kiseki F1, Cabbage Fighter F1, Kajak F1, Arcticus F1 and Coronet F1 and Onion Red Herald F1.

Growers' seminar, Poland (29 January)

Over 200 growers attended this event organised by Inagri, our local distributor in Smaszkow, Poland.

Growers' seminar, Lithuania (22 January)

Our local distributor invited more than 90 growers and processors to present Sakata’s portfolio for the region.

Conference day in Amman, Jordan (22 January)

On 22 January, Sakata and its local distributor Manaseer invited more than 50 plant raisers, growers and dealers in Jordan to join them for a conference.