Teplitcy exhibition in Russia (17 October)

On 17 October Sakata took part in the Teplitcy exhibition organised in Dagestan by the scientific association "Greenhouses of Dagestan" and the regional Ministry of Agriculture

Indeterminate red tomato meeting in Uzbekistan (31 October)

On 31 October, Sakata was pleased to welcome more than 120 distributors, dealers, growers, nurseries and tomato exporters

Gold Medal for TM10740 F1 in Russia (May 2019)

From 29 to 31 May 2019, Sakata exhibited at “Horticulture of Russia” in Mo

Sakata enjoys success at Fruit Attraction Fair, Spain (22-24 October)

Fruit Attraction is the largest fruit and vegetables fair in Spain and one of the principal trade fairs in Europe.

Field Day in Celarevo, Serbia (29 October)

Sakata and its local distributor AMC were very pleased to welcome more than 65 distributors, gr

World Food Day in Sierra Leone (16 October)

The Ministry of Agriculture, together with Kabia Farm, Sakata’s main distributor for Sierra Leo