Netherlands’ Broccoli Sponsorship

The 3rd team from Sporting S. from Schermerhorn (in the Netherlands) received in March 2015 new football outfits from Sakata Vegetable Europe and Broccoli grower Peter Appelman from Stompetoren.


Peter Appelman noticed Sakata’s Spanish football outfit on the Sakata Vegetable Europe’s website. He thought that it would be a great idea to give the players a Broccoli outfit.


Sporting S. team needed new shirts and Appelman’s company created shirts with a Broccoli on it. The football players said that if they become champion, they will stand in a broccoli field in their birthday suit. The reason why? Because Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable and Broccoli can give champions the vitamins they need.


“As the world market’s leader in broccoli breeding, we subscribe the healthy character of broccoli. Sakata is active promoting the consumption of broccoli”, Pieter Vermeulen, Sakata’s business area manager for the Netherlands, underlined,. “Recently Sakata organised a conference in Poland to increase Broccoli consumption in Eastern Europe. It’s logical that we support Peter’s initiative.”


Those shirts with the broccoli print and the logo of Sakata are unique.

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