Mykonos F1, the ultimate broccoli variety for summer

Sakata Seed Ibérica held a field day in Venta Ceferino, Lorca, starring Mykonos F1, Sakata’s latest broccoli variety. Nearby 200 farmers attended the event to gain knowledge of the technical characteristics and benefits of this new crop.

During the day, the guests enjoyed a visit to a Mykonos F1 commercial field. Antonio Ibarra, Brassicas Product Promoter at Sakata Seed Ibérica, said that the highlights of Mykonos F1 are its “compact, vaulted and thin grain pellet”.

The farmers were impressed with the huge resistance of this variety to high temperatures. “Although Murcia has recorded high temperatures in the last few weeks, Mykonos pellets have retained all their properties” they noted.

Mykonos F1 is a broccoli variety ideal for spring and summer pickups.

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