Field Days in Nigeria (May and June 2019)

In May and June, Sakata organised three field days in Nigeria to present our portfolio for the region.

Visitors took the opportunity to learn more about the diversity of Sakata varieties adapted for the region such as:

•             Watermelon:Greytop F1 and Greymax F1

•             Okra:Aisha F1 and Khady F1   

•             Onion:Red Creole and Texas Grano

•             Tomato:Amiral F1, Emerald F1, Martyna F1 and Indio F1

•             Cucumber:Shalini F1

•             Carrot:Nativa F1, Kuroda Chantenay 8 inch and Kuroda Power

•             Cabbage:Green Boy F1, Shani F1 and Saturn F1


Attendees shared their knowledge of field performances of Sakata hybrids in different agro-ecological areas.

They showed a keen interest and gave very useful feedback on the varieties presented.



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