Field day in Uzbekistan (2 June)

More than 130 local distributors, suppliers, nurseries, pepper and tomato growers and exporters took part in the Sakata field day in the Andijan region of Uzbekistan. Visitors took the opportunity to learn more about PEP01654 F1 peppers and Adriatika F1 and Hayet F1 tomatoes in local growing conditions. They shared their experiences of growing these varieties and exchanged advice.

They gave positive feedback:

             PEP01654 F1 is recognised for its ability to change rapidly from green to red                                           

             Adriatika F1 shows earliness, good fruit set, a deep red colour and meets local growing requirements

             Hayet F1 delivers good fruit sizes and strong plant vigour. This variety is a good choice for growers to harvest fruits at the green colour stage for export. 

The day ended with a shared dinner.






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