Field day in Poland (20 September)

Around 100 growers attended the open field day in Leczyca, Poland organised by Sakata, Azelis (plant and nutrition products) and the local dealer Dzialek.

The participants were able to evaluate several varieties of broccoli (Naxos F1, Parthenon F1, Perseus F1, etc.), as well as cabbage (Sweety F1, Zyklop F1, Monroo F1, etc.), cauliflower (Merton F1), onion (Red Herald F1) and red beet (Rodina F1, Kestrel F1, etc.).

These impressive varieties aroused great interest among the visitors who were also issued with Sakata's new catalogue for Poland.

All measures were taken and respected to protect the health of the visitors: the entire event was held outside and the participants were divided into small groups in keeping with the current Covid regulations in Poland. 



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