Broccolin project

The Broccoli Passion project was created by SAKATA Seed Iberica.

It was born in 2009 from the concern that has the organization by the power of the society, since its mission is to provide varieties of vegetables which contribute to the production of natural foods for the well-being of the people. This is form SAKATA sets this means of communication with consumers, in order to create healthy feeding practices.

Thus, in 2013 it acquired form of educational program and with the pedagogic aim emerged the Broccolin Project dedicated to organizing talks in schools in the Iberian Peninsula. This project aims to encourage students to eat more vegetables and, likewise, to promote a healthier diet in infants. As at early ages is when eating habits that will accompany us throughout life are built.


Here you have a video-summary of the course 2014-2015. You could see the experiences that we have lived in different schools to which we have come


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