Bimi at Salon de Gourmets

In the XXIX Edition of the Salon de Gourmets  that was celebrated in IFEMA from April 13 until April 16, Bimi was announced, the new vegetable fruit of the union between a broccoli and a type of Chinese cabbage. The Salon of Gourmets is the only fair in its genre, a stage of avant-garde where they present products delicatesen and innovators of the sector of the feeding. Bimi is a vegetable of recent incorporation on the Spanish market, so stay in the Salon of Gourmets was essential. The Bimi stand, under the motto “A pleasure to meet you”, was located in the Pavilion 8 in the section of the Workshop of the Senses. Bimi is a vegetable that is born of the natural merger between the traditional broccoli and a type of cabbage proceeding from China called Kai-lan. The Bimi flavor is tender, soft and delicate. It is a 100 % eatable, from the stem up to the foil, therefore it is an ideal complement for any type of plate. Its origin is a Japanese but its Spanish cultivation. Although it is a vegetable that it has already implanted on the world market for more than 5 years, in Spain it is a new product that is restored in a gradual way in the supermarkets of the country. The visitors of the Salon of Gourmets could know the kindness of this one new vegetable of design, to which the title of “superbroccoli“ assumes to him or "supervegetable", considering its high place contained in essential nutrients. More zinc, acid contains fólico, antirust and vitamin C that the green asparagus, the traditional broccoli, the kale and the spinach. Also thanks to its high place contained in fibre, it is ideal for any type of diet.

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