Bimi en Madrid Fusión

In XIII edition of the gastronomic Congress of Madrid Fusion, the house of seeds Sakata Seed Iberica, was present with its featured product of 2015, Bimi, the natural hybrid between the broccoli and a type of Chinese broccoli named Kai-lan. 

Madrid Fusion is an international summit of high kitchen that is celebrated annually and serves as meeting point of the whole sector related to the gastronomy, from chefs to distribution networks.

For this reason, it was the perfect stage to present and to taste Bimi, with a stand under the claim “A pleasure to meet you". Despite the fact that there have been presentations of the product since 2013, thanks to the chef Rodrigo de la Calle, this was the first time that there was a space exclusively for the product.

In this area, attracted by Bimi met great chefs who already have it on the menu of restaurants, such as Martín Berasategui or Ricard Camarena. And visitors were able to discover the benefits of this new vegetable, which is credited with the title of "superbroccoli" or "supervegetable”, due to its high content in essential nutrients. Contains more zinc, acid folic, antirust and vitamin C that the green asparagus, the traditional broccoli, the kale and the spinach, being a 100 % tender and eatable of the stem to the foil.

The public could also taste the product cooked in different ways to discover their versatile value. From the most simple and easiest Bimi is grilled, passing by Bimi Tempura with soy sauce and cooked Bimi omelette. But certainly more surprised and captive to the visitor was try it raw, where actually you can see all the nuances of this wonderful vegetable.


To announce the product, there was realized a contest in which the award was a free annual Bimi delivery. With Rodrigo de la Calle like innocent hand, the hazard elected as a winner Bárbara Amorós, ex-candidate of Top Chef and director of the Valencian catering Barbara te cocina.

Throughout 2015, Barbara will receive weekly Bimi, thanks to the collaboration of the supermarket Makro that has Bimi  in their linear.

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