400 professionals attend to the Melon Event of Sakata in La Mancha (Spain)



Friday 29 of January the seeds Company Sakata Seed Iberica held a work day about the melon Piel de Sapo in the town Villalta de San Juan which was attended by around 400 professionals of the sector.

The goal of this work day was join all the sector of melon, like farmers, technicians, traders and seedbeds, to give them technical solutions to the problem of the virus that is affecting the La Mancha area in the crops of Cucurbitaceas.

The work day started at 12 o’clock with a welcome cocktail in the hall Quinta Monteguerra. Then Joaquín Navarro, Cucurbitaceas Product Promoter in Sakata Seed Iberica, made a short introduction about the enterprise and spoke about the necessity for the sector to protect the quality of the melon. Also he promoted unity of all to deal with the health problems that they have suffered in recent years. In the same way he explained the benefits of the three leading varieties Piel de Sapo of Sakata Seed Iberica: Don Quixote, Cordial and Grand Riado. These varieties stand out for having a white and consistent pulp and a high level of sugar more than 15 º Brix, maintaining the traditional taste of melon Piel de Sapo.

Afterwards the problem of the virus Nueva Delhi was analyzed, which affects melon, watermelon and butternut squash especially. For this propose Sakata featured with the collaboration of Antonio Monserrat, researcher for the Biotechnology and Crops Protection department of IMIDA. The speaker expounded to all the attendees the causes of the virus, the risk factors and the most appropriates strategies to prevent it and fight it.

To conclude a dinner was held which allowed sharing of ideas and conclusions with the speakers. It should be noted the interest aroused by this event, because a large part of the guests came from cities such as Madrid, Almeria, Murcia and Valencia.

Sakata continues to demonstrate its concern with improving the daily life of farmers, making the seed the beginning of a good harvest and a good product.


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