Sakata Vegetables Europe vient une nouvelle fois de recevoir une reconnaissance symbolique du plus haut niveau avec la visite de trois ministres Français sur son site des Ponts-de-Cé, près d’Angers

En 2019, le président du Groupe, Hiroshi Sakata était invité par le président de la République Française, Emmanuel Macron, au sommet des grands chefs d’entreprise : Choose France 2019.

Field day in Uzbekistan, Betis F1 star of this new year (17-18 January)

On 17 January 2021 the main nurseries in the region were invited to a dinner organized by Sakata Central Asia in the Bukhara region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, at which all the new varieties of tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper were presented.

Field day in Jordan Valley: new varieties presented (14 January)

On 14 January a field day was held in Jordan Valley with our distributor station (Manaseer trial station) to introduce Sakata’s brand new varieties.

Field day in the Republic of Uzbekistan (14 December)

Rebel F1

In December, Sakata Central Asia organised a Beit Alpha cucumber field day in the Navoi Region of Uzbekistan to present our high-performance Rebel F1 hot to cold season variety.  


Season’s Greetings

During this time of year, we take a moment to reflect upon the good things we have… such as our valued partnership with you! We wish you every happiness and success for the coming year.

Please find the Link to our 2021 video. 

Brassica varieties showcased at field days in Greece (4-6 November)

Karvelas organized this field day in the village of Palaifyto (Pella area, north Greece), with the support of Sakata, to present our brassica commercial portfolio to Greek customers.

Tomato Field Day, Ukraine (22-23 June)

In despite of the COVID-19 pandemic, all health measures were taken