SAKATA presented Marloo F1, the best cabbage variety for krauting, in Serbia (30 October)

At the end of October in Novi Sad (Serbia), SAKATA and its local partner Agrimatco, presented Marloo F1 cabbage to more than 40 distributors, growers and retailers from 10 countries (including Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Albania).

Marloo F1 has been recognised as the number one cabbage variety for krauting. Trials demonstrated its outstanding potential for growers, tests* proved its qualities for the cabbage processing industry (highest levels of vitamin C, fructose and glucose) and taste panels* revealed its excellent flavour.

The day in Serbia included visiting a processing factory of whole head krauted cabbage, a field visit, some presentations including the krauted cabbage retail market and cabbage breeding, and delicious local recipes made of Marloo F1 (using krauted and fresh).


*Faculty of agricultural sciences and food in Skopje




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