Sakata and the brassicas


Sakata Seed Ibérica is a seed enterprise focused on the research, production and distribution of vegetable seeds, business to business in Spain and Portugal. More than 100 years of global experience, Sakata is knowing as the seed organization, pioneer in the development of brassicas varieties. The aim of this report is to explain the evolution of brassicas from 1940 to these days.


Sakata brassicas history



Sakata is the breeder seeds Enterprise Pioneer in the vegetable improvement and varieties development of brassicas around the word. In 1940, in the Asian market, developed the first hybrid commercial variety of cabbage known as `Suteki Kanran F1´. In late 60, hand in hand with the expansion of the seeds around American and Europe, they introduced the first broccoli variety ´Green Duke F1´ and also the commercial savoy type cabbage `Savoy King F1´, which was a big success, and moreover, behind half century, is still selling in our markets.   By the end of 70th years and the principles of 80 other broccoli varieties as `Shogum F1`and later `Green Variant F1´were consolidating the Sakata Seed Corporation position in the international scene as the leader in broccoli varieties. The arrival of ´Marathon F1´by the end of 80th years, transformed Sakata in the absolutely leader in the broccoli seed market with more than the 50% of the global market. That supposed a turning point in the world of broccoli.


Within the next few years, it had transformed in the reference variety for the farmers and the most demanded aside for fresh market or frozen industry. At the beginning of the century, sourced from global investigation and development of varieties, Sakata launched ´Parthenon F1´ a new broccoli variety. Three years later, the variety be transformed in the most cultivated.


Recently the specialization in horticulture have increase the segmentation and cause that the new varieties appear to cover new market niches. In this case, we can underline the case of ´Naxos F1´, a product what it is essential if you want to collect out of the productive period.


The new varieties


The continual changes in the market, in the climate, the production zone and other aspects, implicated a continuing work about innovation by the hand of seed breeder enterprise. Create a new material, involve lot or work and years.It is necessary a big team of breeders, effort, resources and time.


Last few years Sakata Seed Ibérica is lauching a big number of new products. In 2015, they have introduced two new cauliflower, Jericho F1 y Merton F1. Tritón F1 two years later and Ares, last year, are the novelties in broccoli. Furthermore, Sakata will launched two new broccoli varieties: BRO01600 F1 y BRO01606 F1


Finally, in the next few months the company is going to introduce a new smooth, CAB02051 F1, with a flat shape, very fresh tasty because of its fine texture and very sweet and differentiated flavor.


Bimi, from the cruciferous family


Bimi is an innovative and healthy vegetable. It is a cross between broccoli and Chinese cabbage. It resembles broccoli due to its floret but it has a long, slender stalk, with a flavour reminiscent of green asparagus. BIMI has a mild, sweet, delicate flavour that will add a distinguished touch to your dishes.





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