Holland Open Days 2016

This year again, end of September, Sakata held their Open Days in Holland.

Our team has prepared a showcase of our best varieties for the region as well as some of our most promising varieties in development.

Because innovation is a long and complex process, we are always very proud to share with you the result of the passion we put in our work. Of particular interest this year are the broccoli Ares F1 for its attractive cycle and Sputnik F1 for its uniformity and its growth rate. Another visible sign of our commitment to develop better products for your farm is the continuous investment we make in our R&D. For example, we have inaugurated a new laboratory in our Uchaud station (France), multiplying by four the space available to our scientists.


But above all, these Open Days are the perfect occasion to interact with customers and exchange ideas and projects to prepare the future.



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