Broccoli technical seminar in Ciudad Real


Sakata Seed Ibérica offered, on 21st  of February, a technical seminar located in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real. This meeting was about how to cultivated it.


The aim of Sakata was having the opportunity to give technical information to the famers of the zone who are more and more interested in broccoli. The main reason is that Sakata have perceive that the broccoli production has increase, above all in summer, being this an atypical production zone. The audience was about 60 farmers, which is relevant fact, because of the novelty of this kind of crop in Ciudad Real.


The talk was presented by Antonio Ibarra, Product Promoter of brassicas, and Juan Andrés Calero, Area Manager de la Mancha of the company. Both, explained the technique details of crop management which was adapted to the specific area. During the meeting the focus of the talk was on pests, diseases and physiological disorders from this vegetable.


In the same way, they noted the relevance of the variety choice for the zone, where five are the varieties more recommended: Parthenon, Naxos, Tritón, Ares an the future novelty in Sakata, BRO01606. Parthenon, is the best yield and quality for fresh market or industry; heavy and compact dome shaped heads; small, deep green and very uniform beads; vigorous plant, strong root system. Naxos, is the most tolerant heat temperatures, raising the quality in this terms. Also, it is a vigorous plant which has blue green colour, dome shape and fine beads. Tritón arrived in 2015, stand out for its intermediate cycle between Parthenon and Naxos. It has very vigorous bearing, dome shape, dark green color and fine beads. Ares had been the latest novelty of the enterprise which had arrived to the market. Consist in a high yield variety with an early cycle, a short and compact plant with a low head position with no side shoots, this variety has dark green beads, nice deep dome shape.


Once again, the seed organization focus their efforts to be in contact with each farmer making sure that they were getting all the information they need, following the philosophy of the company


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