Bimi, best novelty 2017 at Clara Magazine Awards

The lastest 24th  of january, had placed in Barcelona the seventh edition of Clara Alimentación Awards. The aim is recognize the work of brands in innovation each year. The audience and the editorial department choose the winners based on different categories.

In this edition, Bimi had been recognized as The best novelty of the year, thanks to editorial department of Clara magazine. The award was collect by Patricia Borredá, part of the communication department, and Alberto Alapont, Food Chain Manager. Borredá expressed her gratitude for the consideration in the name of all the team and emphasized the importance of this type of awards in the communication labor. 

Among the winners were ´Quinoa Blanca y roja de Brillante´as ´Best launch´, Valor 0% sin azúcar añadido as ´Best light product´, plátano de canarias as `Best fresh product´, and others.

This awards supposed a great form to become know the special effort made by food enterprises about innovation. Bimi is an innovative and healthy vegetable, fruit which is a cross between broccoli and Chinese cabbage. Bimi has a mild, sweet, delicate flavor that will add a distinguished touch to your dishes. In addition, with this food, you can eat everything, from the stem to the floret, and it has been recognized as a ‘super vegetable’ due to its high content of essential nutrients.

The prize represent for all the team who works with Bimi (from the seed to the distribution, including the producer) a big motivational encourage to continue working as hard as possible with Bimi, which had starting yet in Spain.

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